Saturday, October 4, 2008

LSD Run Saturday

My pace today was TERRIBLE, but I did complete 7 miles! Mostly up brutal hillage too. Today was just a really off day. Every step was a struggle and I had been up since 4 AM even though I went out to run at 6:30.

I now have a running schedule and everything. Next week is a 6 miler, which will feel pretty nice after my weak attempt at the 7 miler.

This week I lost a grand total of .2 pounds. That's for two weeks, people. Joy. I now weigh 186.8. Woo hoo. -_-


jinxxxygirl said...

Hang in ther woman! I KNOW your gonna bust that plateau! I have lost steadily for months now. July 7.8 pounds, Aug. 5.6 pounds and Sept 5.4 pounds. I just know a plateau is right around the corner for me.
Wow! 7 miles! Your my hero Sars! I'm gonna go do my little ol' 3 miler today. Think i'll run down town along the river. A little more people around than i like but the river run is beautiful. Be cool! Be strong! Jinx

kris_tea said...

My running on Thursday sucked too. Maybe it's just something in the air.

I had a doctor once tell me that plateaus give our body a chance to balance out. We tend to loose inches during plateaus because we lost mainly the internal fat (around the organs) & now our body it moving the external fat internally to protect the organs. That makes sense but it doesn't make it any less frustrating, does it?