Thursday, June 4, 2009

low carb

I started eating low carb today. I'm supposed to stay within 30-40g of net carbs a day (carbs overall minus fiber) but I ate 56g net carbs. I would have been okay but I was really short on time and needed to eat something during my workout so I had a special k protein bar which was 19g net carbs. Not good. I kept my calories just under 1,400 though so I'm pleased with that. Hopefully I will start seeing results....

I have a 25 hour shift starting I'm going to need to pack all my food after I get back from the gym. 

The low carb thing is so tough, but if I see results I will be happy. Maybe this is what I need. I hope I do better tomorrow. I need to stay under 40g.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weight lifting

So I changed my gym membership so I can go to the gym every day and I've started lifting weights to progress in what I can lift so I build more muscle. It's sort of an intense bodybuilding type program.

But I think all that's going to happen is I will get bigger but the fat won't melt away.

I've tried doing weights I can do 20 reps with and I just plateaued that way. Didn't feel like I was gaining muscle OR losing fat.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?