Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Workout

Speed work
20 minutes
Run/Walk intervals
139 calories
127 average HR

10 miles
1400 calories according to walkrunjog.net. I dunno about it being that much, but it's definitely over 1,000. I would say I was going 13MPH with a heavy tail wind.
HR unknown

I might do some more walking later on.


jinxxxygirl said...

Girl you do so much! Wow, I'am just amazed by you. You have so much motivation. I hope a little of it rubs off on me! I'am going a little above and beyond today by walking some hills to add to my regular weights and crunches ,pushup day.Way to go woman!!!!! Jinx

Nat said...

is it 10 miles to and from your school? OOo you're tough. Especially when winter comes you better bundle up :D

Nat said...

by the way, in grad school what is considered full time enrollment?