Sunday, October 12, 2008

LSD Run: 6 miles...or not

I ran 7 miles last week in a HORRIBLE time. This week the running schedule knocked it back a mile. Next week will be a new distance, 8 miles. I'm excited because I'll be running double digits soon!

Today's run:

Well, I was supposed to run 6 miles. I thought I did but according to google I only ran 5.52. That's okay because I walked an extra mile or so with the mom. She walked to my running route with me, which happens to have a dog park around it, so she stayed with my dog there while I ran around. It was cute to see my dog get all confused and chase after me. She must have thought "what a crazy human!" or something. It was still really fun to have her tail me until the end of the dog park where she couldn't follow anymore.

So, stats. All in all I did a little over 7 miles. 5.52 running, the rest walking. Here are the stats for the running part:

5.52 miles
Time: 1:05:02
Average HR: 159
Calories burned: 673
Pace: 11:46

Dude. Dude. Dude! It hasn't even been a month since the Chris Hoban run and I've already improved a LOT! The time I got for the 5 mile run was 1 hour and two minutes. My stats up there means I ran almost a half mile more in the same time it took to run the Hoban run, and it was under similar weather conditions. I was able to leave the house in just a t-shirt and capri sweats.

I am really excited that I could keep a pace under 12 minutes up for that distance. Sweet!

The only bummer of the run was that the backs of my knees started to hurt. After some poking around on forums, it seems that the tendons became inflamed. Seems like Advil will be my friend, LOL.


kris_tea said...

That is great, Sars, about your amazing improvement in only a month. Also, I meant to congratulate you on your video the other day for breaking through your plateau. I'm afraid I may be coming up on one of my own. I'm really not sure though. It does seem to be slowing a bit but that is probably due to my exercise changing a bit. Running does not burn as many calories as the elliptical but that is okay.

jinxxxygirl said...

wow i always thought running burned more than the elliptical...hmmm....But Sarsy you are doing awesome! I can't believe your stamina! Wish i had it! LOL!Becareful with your injury girl.Wish you all the best jinx

Rach said...

maybe I ought to start dumping a whole banana in the morning shake instead of half. Bananas are the atheist's nightmare.

ok so in all seriousness Good going on improving your time! That's so cute you were running with your dog, I want to run with my dog someday!

Nat said...

Sars that other comment was from me, left from an account I no longer use and accidentally logged into

kris_tea said...

Hey, Sars.

The reason I said that I burn more calories on the elliptical is that I get my heart rate up & keep it up for a longer period of time right now. Later, when I'm able to run for 20+ min straight, I'm sure I will be burning more. Sorry I didn't clarify.