Monday, October 6, 2008

Magic Lungs zomg

8 months ago, I saw people running and talking and thought "Holy crap, it's magic!"

Today I did an easy 45 minutes (it was over 3 miles, but how much over I have no idea) with my running buddy and we had a conversation the whole time. It makes the time go by really quickly!

I'm performing magic! LOL


Nat said...

ahh I know what you're talking about, I see people running and talking like it ain't no thing in the park another NSV for the list?

jinxxxygirl said...

I have to find a partner first to try that magic trick! I could go to a running club...but i'm too chicken. Maybe once i can run a little better.
Theres a 5k this weekend....should i or shouldn't i?? catch ya later Jinx

Sars said...

you should always do 5Ks!

Sparky said...

Running buddies are magical! I wish I always had one at my disposal!