Sunday, October 19, 2008

LSD Run: 8 miles


Okay, so I did 8.5 miles instead of 8 because the first three milesI was running up and down hills but then the back of my knee started acting up, so I went to the track to make it easier on my body. I did the extra half mile to make up for the hills, I guess.

1:41:07 total (that's with stopping to pee at my friend's house, LOL)
962 calories (-_- It was like 50 degrees, I guess that's why I didn't burn many calories)
Average HR: 152
Pace: 11:53 (At mile 4 I looked down at my watch, then when I was done with mile 4 I looked again and I had finished the mile under 10 minutes. It was awesome.)
Temp: A windy, chilly, 50 degrees


Sparky said...

Sweet! That is awesome!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

That awesome girl! What willpower you have!I could never make myself run that long. Three miles tops! I know about knee trouble. I've been so careful over the last year but the cooler weather is making me frisky i guess LOL! I ran hills two days ago and has my right knee complained! Not really hurt but its stiff, like its swollen inside. Doesn't look any different outside. Took two ibuprofen and an extra day off. Went for a run today with no hills and i wore a knee brace on it. Felt better, stiffness gone. Thank God! It would suck to be careful all this time and then do something crazy and hurt myself. On the upside... i actually fit in the knee brace and when i bought them months ago they wouldn't go around my fat leg. Great going Sarsy!I hope your feeling better. Hugs! Jinx

kris_tea said...

Great job, Sars. It's amazing to see how far you've come in such a short time.