Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting Off the New Year

I realize now that I'm sitting down to type this that I didn't tell you guys that I was going away for Christmas. I appreciate all the people who have been reading and commenting on this blog. It means a lot to me. I promise I will post more now that I have this month off from school. Yay for Winter break!

I just joined a gym today! Actually, it was virtually the only thing I did all day. On the flight home from Arizona I had this awesome fever and diarrhea combo going on and all of today I was pretty much stumbling to the bathroom or passed out, though I did manage to read some, which was nice. It always feels so nice when I can read for pleasure. As an English M.A. student all I usually get to do is read several books at once, none of which I ever really want to read.

Which brings me to my life changing career move. You're looking at the blog of a future Nutritionist! I start Round 1 of my list of prerequisites next semester, and once I'm done with those I can apply for the M.S. itself, which prepares you for an internship and the test to become a R.D. (registered dietitian).

Holiday break was good, aside from getting the flu at the tail end of it. I did manage to get a run in, but most of my other exercise was accidental. Mall walking and museum walking, that kind of thing. I weighed myself this morning and I seem to have lost some, but I'm still up from my last official weigh in of 183 pounds.

I did, as I said, join the gym today, though. Is $149 plus a $20 membership fee good for a full year? I've been told that it is, and the gym looks pretty good, so. I wish the free weights didn't start at 12 pounds, though, but I guess I'll use the weight machines for now. It'll be nice, though, as I really need to work on toning up and building muscles. And the treadmills will be nice for now because I turn into a wuss when I have to run in the cold. XD

Want to know what I ate today? Left over rice (I don't even think it made up 1/2 a cup), half a glass of milk, one of those single serve cups of apple sauce, and a chilidog and fries. LOL, so healthy. I'm so sick, though. Take pity on me.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picking myself up

Hey there. I've got this tea that I bought a few months ago.

Yogi Detox tea. It tastes like utter hell, but it has DANDELION and SARSaparilla in it. Dandelions are the stuff my weight loss is made of, clearly. A long time ago (holy crap, I've been at this almost 2 years) I decided that dandelions are the symbol of freedom for me. I've wished on them since I've been a wee lass and now more than ever when I see them I wish for the same ol' thing.

Anyway, today's tea string says "There is nothing more precious than the self." You may read that and think "how selfish!" but often on this journey I have needed to remind myself that taking care of myself, body and "spirit" is what will help in all areas of my life.

I'm going to detox tomorrow. Just water and detox tea. I have to finish up a paper, so it's a perfect day for it. No distractions. Maybe a light walk around the neighborhood, too.

Need to get my act together!