Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sparkling water and one day fast

I am feeling somewhat better. Grocery shopping helped calm me down.

I have sparkling water! Thank you Shanti for making that video about replacing soda with sparkling water. I didn't think I could switch over to it, but I got a case and I think I'm gonna do a little soda detox. :)

I'm running 8 miles a little later on. I haven't eaten much today, but I will be eating lunch in a little bit and trying to have a regular dinner. Detoxing myself from crap is always very very hard. Tomorrow is a rest day, so I have decided that I will go one step further and only have liquids for that day. Getting on the scale today has me at a 5 pound gain. I am hoping that the 8 mile run and the fast the next day will get rid of what is probably a crazy amount of water weight. One day of fasting, from what I read, is actually good for you.

I'll probably be updating a little later on about how the 8 miles went. Seeya then.

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Nat said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today. Sparkling water is a diuretic, isn't it?