Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just did my daily morning weigh-in on my mother's Body Fat scale.

It said 185.8, and it's usually a pound or a bit more off from the weight watchers scale, so I'm at least 184.8! Please please please let it stick! I'm going to go out bike riding by the water today and I'm intending to burn 2,000 calories, but we'll see.


Sparky said...

2000 calories in one bike ride????

angienicholas said...

good luck with burning the calories and with weigh in and ya I'll be impressed with 2000 cals in one bike ride. let us know how you do. Angie

jinxxxygirl said...

How far do you ride???Biking only burns maybe half the calories of running so you must go pretty far! Wow!
I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you for your weigh in.I weighed in 186.2. Thats only a two pound loss for the month of October. Bah hum bug! But really i'm due for a low month. Lost 8 pounds in July 5.5 in Aug and 5.5 in September. Which for me are really good numbers. So i guess i'll take the two pounds and be happy. Everybody tells me its gonna get harder and this really has been a month of ups and downs.
I know you can hang in there Sars! When do you weigh for WW Friday or Sat?? Sat i think! Jinx!