Sunday, October 26, 2008

LSD run: 9 miles

I just got back from the Sunday run a little bit ago. All I have to say is that . . . well, I wasn't supposed to run at 8PM at night, and I certainly didn't intend to be running for that long. Ugh. It took so long. Mostly because it was around my house, where we kept having to stop and do the run in place thing while the cars went past.

Anyway, stats:

9 miles
1300 calories
HR AVG 144
Pace: Abysmally bad, but my friend and I were talking the whole time, and boy can we talk. Also, we called the cops on a guy masturbating in the park. LOLOL. Yeah. Running at night is interesting.


kris_tea said...

OMG!LOL! That is so hilarious, creepy, yet funny.

On another note, I'm totally amazed every week by your progress. Way to go.

jinxxxygirl said...

Awesome girl! Do you still enjoy running as much as you used to? I don't know if i would enjoy running that far or for that long. I think it would take some of the enjoyment out of it and it would become a chore. ?????Have a great week woman! Jinx

Sparky said...

One word. Wow!