Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today's LSD Run

No, I didn't take any drugs before I went out to run. The LSD run is the Long Slow Distance run.

I intended to do about 5.5 miles today, but I did 6 miles instead. I don't have a pedometer, so, yikes. But I feel pretty good and a one mile increase after a month or so of improving my time at 5 miles is pretty good.

Here are my workout stats for today:

Walk - 2 miles, long warm up and cool down, LOL
Run -
6 miles
1 hour 16 minutes
830 calories
164 HR average
Pace: 12:44 min./mile (not bad for there being a lot of traffic)

And it was POURING about 3 miles in and has not let up since. There was also a lot of traffic at one point, so I would say my pace was pretty good. Long and slow and steady. :)

Oh, and my mom started the Couch to 5K program today along with my dog Sophie! Awesome stuff. She's 52 but she's done the NYC Century Bike Race a few times and rides 12 miles on her bike to and from work every day.

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jinxxxygirl said...

Wow you are doing soo good Sars. You blow me away. Being athletic must definatley run in the family! I think its going to be so great for you to be able to share running with your mom. I know i would love to share it with my daughter. And we both do have a love for running but she's in CA and i'm in TX. I went trail running day before yesterday, about 5 miles total. Let me tell you trail running you use muscles you didn't know you even had! I was so sore afterward but a good kind of sore if you know what i mean. Take care. JInx