Saturday, September 27, 2008

Training Schedule

A few of you have expressed an interest in my training schedule. For now it looks like this:

Monday, Wednesday:
Bike - 6 miles, Pilates - 40 minutes
Run - Easy 3-4 miles (miles will change as Sunday runs become longer)
Bike - 6 miles
Long bike ride, miles variable
3-4 miles, moderate pace 2 miles, 10 min. pace 1-2 miles
Rest or walk
Long distance run (increase of 1/2 mile each week - this Sunday is 5.5 miles, next Sunday is 6)

This is subject to change, of course.


kris_tea said...

First of all, I love your header.

Second, how long does it take you to run 3-4 miles? I'm just curious. I would guess about 40/45 min - maybe an hour. I know you are working on running 10 min miles but I was wondering about where you are now.

Also, how long does it take you to bike a mile? I'm planning on getting a bike for Christmas & I'm just trying to see what speed most people ride at. I have a friend that rides like 30+ miles just about ever Sat. & I know I am no where near where he is so I'm just curious.

Sars said...

Thanks! I made it in Photoshop. :)

About 35-36 minutes for 3 miles at a 12 minute pace. 4 miles = 48 minutes. But we're doing speed work for our shorter miles now so it will be at a 10 minute pace. It's a lot easier to do at a track or on a tread mill, so speed work is on the track for us and longer runs are around my neighborhood because it's got uphill, downhill, and lots of tailwind.

As for biking, I'm not sure because there is a lot of traffic where I ride my bike, so it depends. I'm not concerned about speed on my bike because biking is my cross training.