Friday, September 26, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring

It's pouring and my running buddy is sick! Oh no. I was supposed to go running with her in half an hour, but that's not going to happen. I'm going to wait until the rain lets up. I've run in the rain before, but it started raining while I was already running and "in the zone". Nothing can stop "the zone". Going out into it? That is quite different, LOL.

I weighed myself just now and I am STILL at a plateau. I have exercised hard 5 days in a row so far and it's actually a blessing that it's pouring because my legs feel so so heavy, like lead weights. And there is lots of creaking going on. Perhaps it's time for a day of rest and catching up on my reading.

I really hope I lose more than .2 at my WW meeting on Saturday. Yes, I lost .2 last week, when I hadn't gone the week before. The .2 was for two weeks. And I've been busting my butt. Ah well . . . maybe I should cut back on the protein shakes. I have one every morning. But they're so tasty . . . that makes me sad.


Nat said...

I know what you mean with it raining. Today's walk was optional for me but it was raining so I didn't go! In July however I got caught in a heavy summer shower. It was blissful, and I just kept going and going.

You've been on this plateau for how long? Have you messaged any users who are known for having been on long plateaus for guidance and stuff?

The no processed diet is great, I do feel clean like Shanti said, but I'm not sure if that's a mental thing or what.

I'm sorry, I hear 90's dance music upstairs and I must go dance. Later

jinxxxygirl said...

Getting caught in the rain is wonderful. Ofcourse we are talking nice slow peaceful rain not drenching wind driven down pour. Don't you worry about that plataeau yet Sars. If it goes on for more than a month then i would look at tweaking something in your diet. Having a running partner must be sooo nice. I'am soooo jealous. I can't find anyone as crazy as i'am. :) Jinx

Sparky said...

Is your running schedule anywhere where we can see it? Did you go running in the rain?

Sars said...

Jinxy - It's been three weeks now.

I guess I will be hardcore with my food this week and write down every little thing that goes into my mouth. I know I will be miserable, but hopefully it will pay off. Or I will scream.

Sparky -

I bike ride to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I do Pilates Monday and Wednesday. I run Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. I skipped my Friday run because my friend was sick and my right knee was hurting a lot. My knee feels better today, but I will walk today instead of try to make up my run. Tomorrow is my long run, 5.5 miles. I will add .5 miles every week, so next week my Sunday run will be 6 miles.