Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first tempo run, unexpectedly

I went running today with a friend. Unbeknownst to me she decided it was 10 min./mile time and I pooped out after one time around the Dyker Beach Golf course (2.17 miles), but holy crap you guys! I keot up a 10 min./mile pace for over 2 miles! That is exciting. I was wondering why I was struggling and my legs were getting tired. I thought I was just tired from biking all week to school, which I guess played a role in my legs being tired, but jeeze.

I was just very happy that I was able to keep up with her. She's usually faster than me. Not today! We kept at the same pace.

Bike miles this week: 18
Running miles this week: 7.17

Tomorrow morning we're doing a long distance run . . . 5.5 miles. I wanted to do 6, but slow steps are better. I think we might also squeeze in a few more miles on Sunday.

Potentially looking at a 15.6 mile week for runs, 33.6 miles overall.

Told you I was hardcore. ;)

Oh! Plus I did Pilates twice this week. Good core strength workouts.


Nat said...

my god that's a lot of running. 10 minutes per mile is SO fast to me, what time are you looking to get it down to? I also think it's cool that you have a friend who's doing it with you, that must be so motivating!

Sars said...

I want to eventually run 9min./mile without dying. After that, we'll see. XD She indeed motivates me!