Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today I gave myself a little treat and got my hair cut. Nothing major--just a layer job and a sidebang but WOW, what a difference.

I hope you all had wonderful Valentine's days! I usually treat today as "just another day", but why not do a little self love? I'm single...why not?


jinxxxygirl said...

Hey Sars!
Love your haircut girl!! Its good to treat ourselve once in a while with something that doesn't involve food!
I wanted to give you a heads up that my daughter is following your blog now! She used to be a cross country runner in highschool, she is now 22 living far away from me in California and has decided she wants to get back into running. She just started her blog and she doesn't have any followers but me if you'd like to check out her blog i know she could use the encouragement.
I weighed in at 177.2 this morning! Wahoo! You and i are neck and neck girl! We can do this woman! Be strong! Jinx!

Sparky said...

You look GORGEOUS!!!! :)

zurplemoon said...

it looks great.