Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Material Culture

I forgot my Shuffle in the pocket of my workout hoodie from Saturday and fucking WASHED it. Now, of course, it doesn't work.

Fucking balls. Oh well, I'm just going to get a really cheapo mp3 player for my runs, then. Same shit, cheaper than a Shuffle. The thing that sucks is that my mom got it with her work discount from her old job and she put the inscription "Run Sarah Run" on it. I hate attaching sentimental value to things, but I do it a lot. I have a hoodie from 8th grade that I've held onto even though the zipper is sort of broken (and it fits like it fit in 8th grade now, whoo) and I have kept a Renaissance Faire t-shirt that my father got me when I was eleven. It's been a little hard to part with some items of clothing as I've lost weight and they've gotten too big for me....I still have the dress I wore to my father's funeral/graduation, but I did give up the pants that I bought in Spain. I loved those pants, and even though they were a size 22 I wore them until I was a size 16 even though the fabric gathering at my waist from the belt cinching was ridiculous, LOL.

Giving away clothes is a fairly recent thing for me, as I was the same size for a long time. I started gaining weight in the middle of 8th grade and by the middle of 9th grade I was a size 20 and remained a size 20 until a few months before I went to Spain. I lost some weight accidentally in Spain and then when I got back I gained 50 pounds the last two years of college, mostly due to stress eating and severe depression...and that's when I became a size 24. Actually, I stopped wearing my 22's and wore sweats and knew I was probably more than a 22, and then when I had to get a dress and pants for my father's funeral that's when I became aware of how big I was, compounded with the fact that my family was utterly shocked at how big I had gotten. But anyway...yes, the point is that material things shouldn't be a big deal but they sometimes are, which is a bit sucky.

I get my first paycheck on Thursday. 200 of those dollars goes to Cintia for paying for the trainer for both of us and a haircut for my sister at the same salon I went to (she paid for mine last week and our deal was she would pay for mine and I would pay for hers). The rest will go to a watch my mother has been lusting for and refuses to buy for herself. It feels really good that I can do things like this now!

By the way, I was really excited the other day because I looked in my full length mirror and saw more definition in the backs of my arms and even some definition in my BACK! I can see my scapula now! I have never seen my scapula before! It's almost as exciting as when I started to see my collarbone, which I show off constantly now. ;)


Nat said...

my brother washed his shuffle too, but after letting it air dry it worked again. Just give it some air time and see if it gets better.

I've got my comfort clothes too. Totally understand :) Torn, too big, and.. cozy

Sparky said...

I hate it when electronics end up in the wash :( Last one I washed was my cell phone. Yikes!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh Sars! I remember when you got that Shuffle! I'm so sorry! I really would give it a chance to dry out. But i once wore my shuffle too close to my sweaty body and it got wet and qquit and never did work. My hubby got me another. They are marked down most places i look to like $48. But i know you can never replace RunSarsRun. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Jinx!

sarah sundae said...

That sucks about your Shuffle!!

kris_tea said...

Man! Sorry to hear about your shuffle. I remember watching the video where you showed us what your mom had gotten you.

I'm bad about putting sentimental values on inanimate objects. My dad is too. Now that we are having to sell my Grandma's place to pay for her nursing home care he is upset about having to part with so many things. He says, "...there's just so many good memories attached to those things..." I agree but you just can't keep it all. I suggested that he take a picture of the object he would like to keep but doesn't need then put it in an album with a little paragraph talking about how it is important to you. I need to take my own advice. :)

Yay about the arms. I was in the shower the other day washing my arms & thought, "What is this lump?!" Then I realized it was my tricep. LOL I could even see it poking out a bit when I was driving the other day. I couldn't stop looking over at it. LOL