Thursday, February 12, 2009


I checked it on my scale 15 times. It's true!

I have lost 6 pounds this week! I get weighed in with my trainer on Sunday, but he weighs me with my sneakers on, so we'll see what it is.

I was a little depressed in the beginning part of the week. I've been trying on some things, hoping they'd feel a little looser, and to my dismay they felt tighter around my thighs and arms. Then my friend pointed out to me that I've been weight lifting, so duh my clothes would fit tighter in those places. I am down a notch with both my belts, so that makes me happy.

It's kind of surreal, being this weight. I know I still have a long way to go, and I know that the last 50-60 pounds will be very difficult, but I don't think I ever thought I'd e at this number when I started. Hell, I was starting to think that my body didn't want me out of the 180's. I will say, I thought I would look a lot better at this weight than I do, but part of that has to do with the loose skin.

Like most people who have lost a significant amount of weight, everything below the shoulders looks like crap on me (I can pick up my stomach and hold it up near my ribcage), but at least I've got some delts going on! I may save up for surgery to remove excess skin...scary thoughts...we'll see how this all comes together. I'm losing weight nicely with the trainer. Turns out I was eating way too little for what I was doing. Weight Watchers is just not good for people who do vigorous exercise/strength training, and I've been frustrated for months (maybe even a year?) with Weight Watchers and the leaders at my center because they kept telling me I could only eat 4 of my activity points. It's kind of depressing, because I like WW a lot, but I lost the first 70 pounds with WW so I am happy--I got a lot out of it, but now it's time to evolve. Like a pokemon. I suppose I was Sars and now I'm....The Sarsinator. XD


Madame said...

I detest my tummy and boobs (actually all that's below my neck sometimes) ... as a result of weight loss and loose skin ... IRONIC, much ... I thought I'd partially be a super model by now (a very short one ... lol) ... I've initiated a few conversations with my PCP about referrals to surgeons to check out once I'm complete :/ ... anywhoo ... your delts are killer and congrats for getting into the 170s ;)!!!

Nat said...

Holy Guacamole Sars..inator!! lol @ evolving.. I am so elated right now!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you really just needed more fuel! I love it :D You rock. End of story.

the new sarah sundae said...

OMG! That is a great loss this week! WTG, Sars!!

Believe it or not, after you get to goal you may be able to tone that extra skin up a bit.

You're doing great!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Dont let the excess skin depress you. I too think you will tone it up alot. You are young!Alot of that will go back where it belongs. Patience and Preserverence Girl! Your do'in it! Jinx!

kris_tea said...

Yay! 170's! I'm getting close myself. The hope is 175 or less by April. Almost, 10 more lbs. I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off, but I'm going to go for it.

LOL "Sarsinator" Love it.

Hopefully, next year at this time I'll be finalizing things for my lift & tucks. hehe

Sparky said...

Love the Pokemon reference!!! Very funny!