Monday, February 16, 2009


The other day I went to Bagelicious, a deli I go to on the weekend to get bagels for my mother and sister. I happened to be there with my sister and Cintia, and one of the guys behind the counter takes a look at me and starts asking me how much weight I've lost, because he said he was enjoying watching me lose it, which was a little strange but I was flattered I guess so I told him how much I lost and Cintia tells him how much she lost (it was pretty empty in the store).

I never know what people are going to say. This guy...I KNOW he meant well, but he told me, and I quote, "you were a real dumbo."

Ok, I know I was really big and now I'm not so big, but does that really give you license to say that? It really offended me for some reason. I know I shouldn't care, especially because I'm not that size anymore....but...I don't know...I don't think people really understand what it's like to have been that big. People say things all the time--little things--that rub me the wrong way about obese people. I'm still obese, and I'm right a little more sensitive. I feel like people really believe that they have a RIGHT to treat overweight people like crap. I'm sorry, but I am 20X healthier than most of the "skinny" people I know.


kris_tea said...

You should have said, "Yeah, & you're still a dumb ass." lol

No, just kidding. People often say things that they think are compliments but are quite offensive really. People are quite stupid, really.

You should challeng him to an endurance race some time. LOL

jinxxxygirl said...

I agree with Kris tea a 100% . People just don't think before they open their mouths. I can never think of great comebacks at the moment. They always come to me too late.UUUugh! Jinx!

Madame said...

how rude ... people seem to forget that, that older physical version was still in fact YOU ... I'd be slightly offended too, and would have restrained myself from letting out what Kris tea said LOL!

Nat said...

It offends me too. Always will, even when I become thin. But the fact is.. he's ignorant, and you're right, he doesn't know what it's like. I try to let it roll off, because you'll always find people like that, but people I call friends get an explanation from me of why I don't like that or other societal attitudes.. and then they understand :)

zurplemoon said...

just wait he'll probably ask you out. then lay it on him. grrr i say.