Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Utter Hell.

I was SO happy. It felt too good to be true. I should have realized....that usually means it IS too good to be true. 

Nabisco graham crackers. I have been really stressed out lately and also really short on time and sleep. I just came upstairs from watching Biggest Loser, taking time out of my sleep schedule to do so...and I've had about 11 graham crackers today in total, which I thought was only 2 crackers above one 130 calorie serving. Turns out I read the Nutritional Facts wrong. That "just over a serving" I had turns out to be 5.5 servings, which is 715 calories. I have eaten 10-11 full cracker sheets at least 4 times in the past week and a half. No wonder I am up a crazy amount....and I also just realized there is partially hydrogenated oil (trans fat) in the ingredients, plus corn syrup. 

No wonder I have been weighing 180 or 181 in the mornings. I have honestly been feeling so frustrated lately. 

I worked 3 hours on a diet analysis project of which 1.5 hours was spent on this program...and when I went to save the .pdf files onto my flash drive the computer in my school's library just shut off and restarted, wiping all my data. This is on top of realizing I am averaging a C in that course despite working my ass off and despite that class being 3.5 hours long...it's a once a week course...but STILL. 3.5 hours to sit still in a chair and take notes is an incredible task for me. 

I feel like crying. I think I'll go and do that. These next two weeks are going to be hell. 


zurplemoon said...

sending love and light to you

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh Sars i'm so sorry about all your hard work lost AND the grahmcrackers. I know those suckers were tricky. I was looking around the grocery store looking for something sweet that would satisfy but still stay reasonable on calories and i picked up a box of those . Took a little bit to decipher that each sheet was not a 'cracker' but each sheet is broken up into 4 crackers if i remember right. ....Needless to say i put the box back on the shelf. :) My treat of choice lately has been no sugar added popcicles. 35 calories a pop in strawberry, cherry, raspberry about the size of a twin pop. I'll have 2 or 3 of those for roughly 100 calories and it satisfies my sweet tooth. Hang in there girl. I don't envy you all the stress of school and the running and trying to lose weight. I think your doing a great job! Jinx!

Nat said...

I fucking hate computers. School blows right about now for me too.

The graham crackers thing sucks. Here's to a better week <3