Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4 days 'til 1/2 Marathon

Now that it's hot out I splurged and got myself an iPod armband. It's pink and cute and supposedly $2.5o went toward breast cancer research so there's my good deed of the day, especially considering I got the results of a breast sono I did a few weeks ago and though I have lumps in my breasts, they are not cancerous. Good news for me! I didn't really mention it until now because I didn't want to talk about it really. 

I've never been in a BIG race before so I am nervous as all hell but I think it will be a blast. I will have to update sometime during the week with my running accouterments. 


zurplemoon said...

good thing on the breast stuff yay.

omg i'm so excited for you. you'll have a blast. you're so ready for this.

go sars go

jinxxxygirl said...

Sars i think your gonna love it! And being nervous is part of the experience. I'll be thinking about you!Jinx!

Nat said...

pictures, pictures, PICTURES!!!

Soo excited for you to kill that race!! I'm enjoying the warm weather :P