Sunday, April 19, 2009

Half Marathon Trial Run!

I finally figured out how to use the nike plus webpage (after a whole MONTH of having the sensor, lol). In my defense, I had cookies enabled and I didn't realize doesn't like firefox, and I have a mac so I had to make safari my preferred browser. OMG, the web features makes it EVEN BETTER! I am in so much love with this thing you have nooooo idea. I love love love that you can see how fast each mile was. I'm a little confused though--it told me my fastest mile during the 13 miles was 9'53 (!!) but it says 10'49 up there. Oh well! It's still pretty awesome. It allows me to see how fast I run over a long distance. Apparently I run pretty evenly, which means that I have a good perception of effort. 

Stats for 13.1 mile run:

Time: 2:29'28"
Avg pace: 11:23 min/mile
Calories: 1750

My favorite song to run to as of late? "Till I collapse" by Eminem, hate Eminem, but it is SUCH a good song to run to. Gets shit pumpin'!

We had to stop several times during the run because the farthest one of my running partners has run before was 9 miles and her legs were hurting badly at some points, but we are tapering now (only doing elliptical and light mileage) and we are hoping and praying for sub 2:15. It is definitely possible. 


Nat said...

You're owning it Sars <3 Make sure you get plenty of pictures from the half posted!

This summer is going to rock :D

Sparky said...

Holy Shyza!!!!! That is incredible!!!