Thursday, April 16, 2009


My recent subscription to Today's Dietitian, my new wallet, and my new stainless steel water bottle. Dandelions! <3

Damage control is in the works. I have gained like 7 pounds in the last few weeks due to stress, overworking myself, and getting sick. When I don't run, even for a week, I gain 5 pounds instantly. Not fair. But I realized once I got my nike plus sensor that my base mileage is 14 miles and, depending on my long runs, I am running 20-32 miles a week. I didn't even realize I was running that much! No wonder I can eat about 2,200 calories without gaining weight. I haven't been tracking calories over the past week, but there has been definite binging....

I cannot seem to get my act together food-wise. I'm thinking of re-joining weight watchers, but I don't know how helpful it will be. I just wish there was an environment where I could talk to a bunch of people on my fitness level who are losing weight face to face. I am getting so frustrated! I know I will lose a lot of weight this summer, though (I usually lose the bulk of the year's weight in the summer), and at least that is sustaining me. I am not very pleased with my eating though. I cannot seem to eat under 1,800 calories for the life of me.

The other day I ran ten miles and then did a full body workout, including a lot of work on my legs. I am an idiot! I can barely walk down the stairs in my house. My quads are KILLING me! Work tomorrow will be interesting. LOL. We are going to Atlantic City with our house residents. It should be fun but tiring and I hope the legs will hold out.

The good news is that I am prepared for the half marathon! We are doing our last training run this weekend. Actually, it's a trial run. We're going to simulate the half marathon and then take off two weeks from running, replacing our week runs with the elliptical. I'm getting really excited! I love getting free T-shirts from events, and even more, I love getting MEDALS. lololol.


zurplemoon said...

congrats on being prepared. yay. that must feel great

the eating will come. this is an anniversary time for you and i remember you gained weight around this time last year.

i have an idea. what if we did an virtual meeting on skype or stickam. we can shape anyway we want- someone can speak on a topic, do weigh in's, talk about fitness and diet, hell we can do whatever we want.

what do you think?

Nat said...

Hi Sarsage :)

I'm sorry that you feel trapped right now with the dietting. I hate that feeling.. But I am excited that the half marathon is coming up and that you're going to own it!! I love your dandelion gear

Crush has been terminated >:) I'm looking for marriage, and I don't think he's it.