Sunday, March 1, 2009

Protein woes

I went to my local supermarket today and was brainstorming more ways of getting in more protein. It's tough when you don't like meat too much. I'm not a vegetarian, but I sort of eat like one. I've just started eating deli turkey for the protein and it's actually not bad. I've started to look forward to my sandwiches, actually.

I'm having a really tough time transitioning to this type of diet. Sometimes I swear I have borderline OCD, which I will not really go into because I'm obsessive in a lot of areas of my life, but change is incredibly hard for me, and this is a really big leap from how I was eating. I lost 70 pounds by eating the things I love in if I wanted ice cream, I would have it...just have less. Well, this diet plan is very very strict. I am not allowed to cheat AT ALL until I get down to my goal weight. I am sure life will intervene and I will cheat somewhere, but then I will have to get right back on track. I have a lot of willpower...but that is a tough thing to accept. Eating the way I did, however, contributed to my excess skin problem (too many carbs contributed to my daily intake, not nearly enough protein). So any time I cheat I really have to think about the damage I already made and what I have to do to correct really feels like punishment a lot of the time, though.

I've been feeling incredibly bitter for the past few weeks. What I have to keep reminding myself, though, is that I am not like everyone else. Many people can eat whatever they want in moderation and keep losing weight....but not me.

So I bought a bunch of high protein things at the supermarket and hopefully I will lose something next week. I've decided to train with the personal trainer for another two months and see where that takes me...after that...I'll see.


Anonymous said...

exactly how much protein have they suggested that you eat? I'v been concerned that I am eating too much protein cos I go over by about 50% every day on mydailyplate. I think that it suggests I have 38g. What other guidelines have they given you?

jinxxxygirl said...

Hang in there Sars. I've been having trouble working out on weekends lately. I just get lazy. But i'm hanging out about 177 lately. I really resent people who can eat whatever they want , do no exercise and stay thin. I wonder if they realize how fortunate they are?
We visited a gym today and took the tour. $32 to join and $38 a month. No contract. Body pump classes and yoga and pool and weights all that stuff. Maybe be a good idea with summer coming and good ole Texas 100 degree heat. Not sure yet........
I have no idea how much protein i eat. Probably not enough. Keep it going Sars. You may rest.....but don't you QUIT! Jinx

zurplemoon said...

obsessive my sister us never. lol. breathe and know that this isn't forever. if a slip happens forgive yourself and move on
hang in there and as always you impress the hell out of me.

Size8Ambition said...

Hi Sarsy!
I know you've been taking health and nutrition classes lately, so I hope I'm not telling you what you already know...
Anyway, the average individual shoud aim for about 50+ grams of protain daily. Someone who trains consistantly needs about 1g of protein per pound of body weight daily; If you are training hardcore, (I know you used to train for hours and hours a day, from watching you on youtube) that amount increases to 1.5g.

Hope this is worthwhile info for you... Keep it up!