Monday, March 9, 2009

I love my job. Everything else in my life, including friends, is stressing me out recently, though. This is strange for me.

I am getting sick of the strict bodybuilding diet. I think it was too many calories for me. My personal trainer dumped me. I have a lot of things to stress out about now that Bio class has started. I want things to be less complicated than they are but wishing and wanting only makes me depressed. I want to go with the flow more, just isn't happening and I don't know why.


I am 179.

I am starting to feel run down from how hard I am trying to trick my body. I am also starting to resent running....If I run, I maintain...If I don't, I gain. There is no loss. My body has gotten used to running, so I may as well just not even count it as exercise.


jinxxxygirl said...

Hey Sars!

Girl do you change up your running?? You know the drill do you do speed work and hills and distance?? Or just the same course, same pace day after day? Gotta shake it up , keep it guessing.
Just stick with it! Play with it. Find your joy in it again. I lost a whopping 2 pounds last month and the scale seems to be inching down in March too. I saw 174.4 this morning. This week so far i ran three miles Saturday, took and hour spinning class Sunday, did Yoga for the firs time Monday and today Tuesday i will run again. Tomorrow i will lift some weights and Thursday i will run on a treadmill as the weather is suppose to be bad and then Friday i will take the day off, maybe stretch some because Saturday is my 5k run. So maybe you could mix it up some. Still keep running a priority as it blasts calories but i think it helps to keep the body guessing. We'll see what March brings for us on the scale. RunSarsRun! Jinx!

Nat said...

im sorry things are difficult for you right now.

I'm happy that you love your job! That's fantastic.