Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reality check

Tonight I watched Biggest Loser with my mom, which made me really happy because I usually just watch it by myself because no one wants to watch it with me or I have it recorded with the DTV and watch it after my gym sessions (beautiful invention, the DTV). Anyway, so Nicole comes back, right? And she's trying on a wedding dress in a size 12 and I was telling my mom "wait...so I'm around her size?" and she looked pretty small to me...and I felt like I looked much much bigger. I told my mom as much and she looks at me and tells me, "you're pretty small now, Sarah". That made me feel pretty good!

It was weird...when I fit in those size 10's my friend's comment was "you're going to be a size zero when you're done". I have smaller hips than she does, so even though I weigh 25 more pounds than she does (and I'm 2 inches shoter), I'm still around her pant size. I told her I didn't feel like I looked like a size ten. I look in the mirror and still see a size 20 body. It would be nice to have my brain catch up already. XD


zurplemoon said...

i totally know what you are talking about. i'm not sure if i will ever see what others see.
note i'm becoming totally woo and i have started to practice the law of attraction. now i look in the mirror and say show me my beauty. it's starting to work.
i have been listening to a pod cast inside out weight loss from itunes. fabulous stuff for the mind and spirit.
take care

jinxxxygirl said...

I find my 'vision' of myself depends alot on my mood for the day. Chin up girl your doing great! Jinx!

sarah said...

Don't worry, you're brain will catch up. Keep up the great work!!

cepaul518 said...

I love The Biggest Loser. So inspiring!

You're doing so well :)