Monday, January 26, 2009

Motivation, Success, and Helping People Realize Dreams

Yesterday was a really great day. I started out kind of sleepy, kind of unwilling to go out to the gym and push myself to do my 6 mile run, but it ended up being a really positive experience.

Me and my friend Cintia, we're best friends and we always push ourselves to be better people. She's an amazing person and I am happy that I have her in my life. Without her, and without you guys who are there supporting me, I don't think I would have gotten as strong-willed as I am today.

Well, now we've kind of taken it on as our mission to help people around us who want the help. Cintia's sister Maggie has started running and going to the gym with us, and last night when we did the 6 mile run, she came with us. She's gotten to 5 miles before, but she's never run 6 miles, and that last block we all ran together was really awesome and it felt really rewarding to see her smile and tell us that we made a difference and pushed her to a new level. Her boyfriend's sister might even start running with us. We'll be signing up for a half marathon in May soon, and I'm excited.

I had a great idea the other day when I was walking home from this training program for work. I want to run and raise money for the place I work for. It's called The Guild for Exceptional Children, and it has a number of day programs and housing facilities all geared toward the care and education of men, women, and children with developmental disabilities. I'm in the very beginning stages of going around to friends and family and talking about it, but I hope it can become a reality.


Anthony said...

That is a really neat story about your friend getting in the 6 miles! Inspiring!

jinxxxygirl said...

I think its a really great idea about raising money Sars! And its great to help the people around you . I feel so indebted to the people around me that helped me lose this weight. And the people that talk about wanting to get in shape and lose weight i tell them one of the hardest things i struggled with was getting out there and exercising alone so i tell them if they ever need someone to walk with or run just give me a call and i'll be there. You look great girl! Jinx!