Tuesday, January 6, 2009


That's the title for Weight Watchers' new program, and it's what I'm building back up now.

I weighed in Saturday at my center at 186 pounds. I've gained three pounds since November, which really isn't that bad considering I haven't been running very often and eating too much. I was maintaining until the end of November hit and with all the end of semester stress and the holidays those three pounds crept back on, but I look at it as a victory because this time last year I had gained ten pounds back, threw my diet out the window for finals, and had to struggle to reel myself back in. How beautiful it is that I have learned how to maintain!

I'm mostly over the flu now, and I went to the gym twice last week despite still being stuffy and achy. I'm glad I went. I got a little familiar with what's there and how to do things, and now the real fun begins. LOL. My friend is going to weight train with me. We do everything weight-loss related together. I love her to death. I don't talk about her a lot because she's not really an Internet-type person, but she's been a wonderful friend and supporter. I was doing this on my own until she started with me and she's lost forty pounds. We run together and now we're doing the gym thing together.

I'm excited about this new year. Things are starting to fall into place for me. I feel like I've matured so much in these past two years, but particularly this past year. It's amazing to me; I'm so proud of myself.

My friend (the same girl I train with) went with me today to fill out an application at a center for the education and caretaking of those with mental limitations. I'm not exactly sure what the correct word for it is, but I know what the wrong words are. I met with a few different people today and I got an immediate interview. It looks like they need people and the woman who hires really liked me, so she said I'd be a good fit at one of their homes. I would have loved to be a substitute at their school for special education children, but I have crazy school hours next semester. If I do get it, and I strongly think I will, it will be really tough next semester. School, gym, eating right, and caretaking. Sounds crazy to me, but I think I can do it if I work hard and don't let myself slip in any one thing. 2009, the year I stop being lazy! LOL.

So, that's what's up with me. I'm meeting with the manager of the house I was fitted with on Thursday and if I'm liked, I'll do paperwork and get my background checked. All that lovely stuff. Wish me luck!


zurplemoon said...

you sound great.
3 pounds is fabulous
crossing my fingers you'd be great at that. i worked in homes for years. extremely rewarding

Sparky said...

Look at those photos! WOW! Have a great week.

the new sarah sundae said...

You look great!!