Monday, January 19, 2009


Holy crap. For the past few weeks I've been doing things like running when it's 10 degrees with a windchill in the negatives, or running while it's snowing (it's warmer while it snows), and pumping iron. I'm wondering if my arms have any definition yet. One of the things I want to happen with the lifting of weightage is for my arms to shrink up and look tighter. We'll see! I am excited though. The guys at the gym are impressed with me and my friend. Pretty awesome. At first I was apprehensive about the gym, but now I love it, especially if my friend is there and we trade off doing machines or using the free weights. Now that I'm more familiar with things I feel less weird. That machine that works your inner thighs will always make me feel weird though, sorry. LOL.

I felt so energized after running while it was snowing last night. Especially when I was going downhill and it felt like I was flying through a magical forest. I was running by the golf course, and with the snow accumulating on the branches everything looked sparkly. Absolutely breathtaking. You should all try it. Dress warm, though! You'd be surprised how little you feel the cold if you push yourself hard enough and have something that covers your ears and hands. :)


the new sarah sundae said...

You're doing great!!

zurplemoon said...

you are so awesome.
a year ago you were crying because you couldn't run a mile and look at you now. wow

jinxxxygirl said...

enjoy yourself Sars! You have a good many years to run! Jinx