Monday, November 3, 2008

Winter Running

My running pace has been reallllly slow these last two weeks. I find that I am just a lot more tired during these months. A lot lazier and depressed too. I'm fighting it. Still.

At least I get a break from running tomorrow. Running twice in a row these past two days has been really "ugh" inspiring. Still, I push through it because I know it needs to be done. When it comes down to it, I love running. I hate it at times, but most of the time I love the very idea of it and what it's doing for me, so it's all very worth it.

I saw the marathoners off yesterday on 86th street and 4th avenue, about 2 miles from the start. It was really fun and I can't wait to participate, hopefully next year.

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jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so glad you are on an upswing! I notice my moods and motivation comes in waves. I'll be all gunho for a couple weeks then i'll just be trudging along for a few weeks. I just have to see the rough times through. preserverence! I just know you'll be posting pictures of yourself at the new york marathon next year!!!! Jinx!