Sunday, November 16, 2008

LSD Run: 12 miles

I did 12 miles today. I had to speed walk most of it because all the parks had the water shut off and I only had 18 ozs of water and a 20 oz. gatorade. Besides that, my left leg was almost entirely numb and actually fell asleep (pins and needles) for almost the entire time. Actually, over all I did 13 miles of walk/run, mostly walking. Ran the first 5 miles, speed walked the rest. Had a better time in the end than I did last week running. I don't know what the hell is up with me, but I think I might actually be too overweight for these longer runs. I was A-OK up to 5 miles and then after that I started having problems. Meh.

If anyone here is also on YouTube for weight loss, I haven't posted because I've been focusing on reading and writing lately, and also getting my workouts in. My eating has not been so good but I've nipped it in the butt, hopefully.


Sparky said...

Hey Sars,

Here is my unsolicited advice.

I have taken numerous running clinic going back to 1998. One thing that is very important is to work on your 'base' with respect to running before trying to increase either your distance or your speed or your distance and base means putting in miles.

Some people are lucky if they are particularly young and light and they can progress very quickly. Other people who are older or heavier need to take longer or else they risk injury. Unfortunately I fall into the second category and it frustrates me.

By no means do I want to rain on your parade but it sounds like the 12 miles is starting to tax you more than maybe is good.

8 miles is a lot to run. 12 miles is super a lot.

I just Googled New York City 10K and came across the new york road runners website. Do you know it? Have you thought about taking a class with them? They seem to be twice a week for 10 weeks.

If you want I can email you a "To Complete" 10K program out of a book I have.

I see on their website that they have not put out the race schedule for 2009. However, you could like back at 2008 because generally races go the same week each year.

eg) End of march in Central Park: Scotland Run 10K

As for the fountains being closed what kind of water bottle system are you running with?

And in conclusion: Way to go continuing on and completing the 12 miles. THAT ROCKS!!!

ps. If you every want to drop me a line my email is my youtube login at gmail

Rosie said...

Hi Sars!

The DietSodaDiva Holiday Challenge starts tomorrow... excited? We started a yahoo group for everyone... email me at dietsodadivaATyahooDOTcom so I can send you an invite. Hope all is well... I'll be adding your blog to my blog links really soon...

Happy Monday!

jinxxxygirl said...

HI Sars!

I'm glad Sparky ventured her comment and i do mirror her concern. Your preserverence and mental strength are to be commended and you are extraordinary! But i do worry you are doing more harm than good with these loooong runs. If you are using the running for weightloss i don't think you need to run that far to see results. And if you are training for the New York year.... i think maybe you should slow down and build a strong base and then when the time is right....say maybe three months out from the marathon you could start building up your mileage and then taper. I don't know i know you didn't ask for any advice so i hope you are not offended. Certainly don't mean to. I think your awesome!! But the running should be making you happy and feel good and if its not doing that anymore then maybe something is up.
Hey i know you'll get your food under control woman. I have faith in you! I weighed in at 182.0 over the weekend! NOt official til Friday though if i can keep it. I did my November timed mile too. 10:30 !!!! Thats good for me! I was able to keep running for the rest of the three miles too no walking!! I finished the three miles in 33:08. So i didn't slip to far off the time for the last two miles. Keep it up Sars. Be thinking about you! Jinx