Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just watched the movie Prefontaine while I folded all my laundry and did some sit-ups and whatnot. I thought I might get some motivation out of it since it was about a track runner. But it's so sad! He died in his prime.

The Greeks said it was better to die in one's prime than later on in life, especially if in your prime you accomplished great things. I can see that, I guess, but it's always so tragic.

One thing I did get from it was a reinforcement in my own determination. I finally stapled the NYC Marathon course ad that was in the November issue of Runner's World to my wall, just above my bed. It says "26.2 miles of heart". I will do this. If not next year (oh please!) then the next, but it WILL happen. Who knows what will happen after that?

This weekend I'm doing my first run in the double digits. Ten miles. Ten miles of heart and sweat and determination.

Two people died in the last marathon, and, call me crazy, but I thought to myself, "what other way would -I- want to go?" I mean, out of all the shitty deaths out there, dying after completing an endurance sport you never thought you could do is pretty much up there. That's what I think, at least.


thenewsarahsundae said...

That is a great movie!

Sparky said...

I like that movie.

Weird that 2 people died in the marathon. Was it heart attacks?