Friday, May 22, 2009


I was seriously eating cupcakes every day. Every. Day. For like two straight weeks while I was sick. 

I finally cut myself off. I've been pretty stressed out. I've gained a good ten pounds and I'm really upset because I'm almost back to the weight I was at the beginning of February.

I just cried a little because I restrained myself from getting cupcakes after work.

School needs to be over now. x.x;


zurplemoon said...

yay for not getting a cupcake. stay strong my sister

Anonymous said...

Now, I am craving a cupcake too! Grrrr.

Kidding (sort of). Stay strong - I am so impressed by your running!

Nat said...

Sars <3 One step at a time. I'm struggling with the impulse control right now too, can totally relate. I'm just getting a little closer everyday to where I was mindset wise before things got messed up

jinxxxygirl said...

I was walking around the mall......And i got thirsty......I almost didn't walk over to a vendor and buy a diet soda because they sold cookies too and i wasn't sure i could resist the impulse. But then i said this is B - - shi -!! So i walked right over there, took a big ol' whiff of cookie grabbed my diet coke and walked away. I'm boss! not my impulse or craving!Hang in there Sars. Even the incredibly tough and strong get tired. PS....Throw the cupcakes awaaaayyy.... LOL! JInx!