Wednesday, May 6, 2009

C25K training all over again

So I'm training my mom's journey to 5K-ness. We went out this morning at 5:30 to do her first 25 minutes of jog/walk intervally goodness. With our dog. Which is promising because I would love to run with Sophie on days where I don't have a running partner. Also, I am really excited to run a 5K with my mommy! It feels good to inspire people. I wish my sister would run too. When I ask her to start with me she avoids me like I'm going to give her The Running Flu instead of the swine flu. LOL.

Imagine running being contagious?

Last night's Biggest Loser Marathon challenge got me so hyped up. I wanted to run a marathon right then and there! I think I will have to wait a while though because of my friend's knee. For now I want to enter a lot of 5K's and get faster. 


Anonymous said...

that is so ace that your mum wants to run with you! how exactly are you training her, on the C25K plan? can you come and train me? When I move back home in a months time, I really want to start!

jinxxxygirl said...

Thats awesome Sars. I can't seem to inspire anybody. Nobody wants to run. They just look at me like i'm nuts. **sigh** Thats because they've never run as fast as they could to some really cool song bee bopping there head the whole time having a blast. They just have no idea what it is to enjoy being out there with sweat running down your face , legs and arms pumping feeling on top of the world. Their loss.......Your doing great girl. I can't wait until the day i can run with my daughter. Jinx!

Size8Ambition said...

I wish running was contagious, and that I would get that particular bug (I guess my immune system is just too strong for it though, ha!)

It's so funny... as I watched The Biggest Loser, I was thinking of you!

I love that you're mom is wanting to run with you; I don't have anyone to train with. Anyone I know that would do it is already in good shape and would become irritated with me during the process for being slow and unable to 'just do it'.