Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picking myself up

Hey there. I've got this tea that I bought a few months ago.

Yogi Detox tea. It tastes like utter hell, but it has DANDELION and SARSaparilla in it. Dandelions are the stuff my weight loss is made of, clearly. A long time ago (holy crap, I've been at this almost 2 years) I decided that dandelions are the symbol of freedom for me. I've wished on them since I've been a wee lass and now more than ever when I see them I wish for the same ol' thing.

Anyway, today's tea string says "There is nothing more precious than the self." You may read that and think "how selfish!" but often on this journey I have needed to remind myself that taking care of myself, body and "spirit" is what will help in all areas of my life.

I'm going to detox tomorrow. Just water and detox tea. I have to finish up a paper, so it's a perfect day for it. No distractions. Maybe a light walk around the neighborhood, too.

Need to get my act together!


jinxxxygirl said...

I know you can do it Sars!!!!!!That tea sounds awful!!!!! LOL! Just look how far you've come! I know you get tired of the battle. Don't we all. But you are SO worth it! We all have to learn to be a little selfish where our health is concerned! Be good girlfriend. Hope to hear from you again soon! Jinx

SoyLaUnica said...

I loved this entry. I was just saying how I needed to do a detox. Its the perfect time of year after the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday. I am gonna look up that nasty tea and give a try. Hope it worked out for you :)