Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lots to say, but...

I've been gone so long! I keep making half-assed updates and I feel terrible for it, but I'm probably going to do the same thing right now, LOL.

I went away on a backbacking trip in a few countries in Europe and had a blast. Put on some weight. I've basically been putting on and shedding the same ten pounds since January, which is really frustrating. But I think I am finally out of that hell. Unfortunately I have to abandon carbs for a few months. I'm doing this bet with a few friends of mine and the winner gets $500. That's a college class, yo. My body seems to really like the no carbs. Unfortunately that means I can't run for three months (the duration of the bet).

I bought myself a pair of size ten jeans today. I think I wrote about fitting into a pair in one of these entries; it must have been a big ten because these pants I bought barely close and I am back to the weight I was when I fit into the size 10's then. But then again, different jeans = different fit. It's okay because I didn't have any more goal clothing. I bought a size small men's shirt in Germany thinking it would be a goal shirt only to have it fit perfectly and then I tried on another size small men's shirt I had at home and that fit too, so go figure. Size is really relative. I am finding that more and more lately, as I have a wide range of pant sizes in my closet that fit and an even wider range of shirt sizes.

I won't really get into my Eurotrip here but it was so incredibly amazing. Even though I gained about 5 pounds of solid fat from eating carbscarbscarbs I regret nothing. The food in Europe is so amazing, especially in Germany. A fatty's Heaven, which is really weird because there aren't many fat people over there compared to America. Seriously though? If I lived in Germany I would weigh approximately 450 lbs. At least.

And now that I am rambling I will inform you that I plan to make a youtube update sometime soon.


zurplemoon said...

so happy the trip went well.
explain the no carb or run thing.

Addict, Gym said...

I just found your blog through another blog and I must say you are truly an inspiration. I look forward to reading your updates and hopefully joining you at the NYC marathon in the fall!!