Thursday, June 4, 2009

low carb

I started eating low carb today. I'm supposed to stay within 30-40g of net carbs a day (carbs overall minus fiber) but I ate 56g net carbs. I would have been okay but I was really short on time and needed to eat something during my workout so I had a special k protein bar which was 19g net carbs. Not good. I kept my calories just under 1,400 though so I'm pleased with that. Hopefully I will start seeing results....

I have a 25 hour shift starting I'm going to need to pack all my food after I get back from the gym. 

The low carb thing is so tough, but if I see results I will be happy. Maybe this is what I need. I hope I do better tomorrow. I need to stay under 40g.


zurplemoon said...

be easy on yourself. you did great for the first day. imagine it will get easier and easier. if it doesn't teak things as needed.
take care
oh do i remember those long ass shifts.

take care

jinxxxygirl said...

Sars are you struggling like i'm struggling????I sit about 172 ish and i can't get any lower to save my soul. I run, i lift i watch what i eat but i'm just miserable eating fewer calories than about 1500-1600. sigh......But i know until i change that nothing is gonna change. I have to learn to be happy eating smaller amounts. I think going lo carb is a good option. I have my fingers crossed it works for you. Sometimes i think you and i follow the same path as we lose and we get stuck, then we lose and then we get stuck. Uuugh...Take care girl Jinx!

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